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One more happy Q1 owner!


On the Mobile Tech Roundup Last week every listener met Joey. And now Joey has informed Kevin who has infomed us all that Joey “nabbed’ a Q1 and it appears he likes it from kevins post I quote from Kevin’s Post

“As far as Joey’s experiences so far with the Q1, he writes: “Wanted to tell you that I took the plunge after getting rid of all my gadgets and got a Q1. So far so good. A few quirks here and there but it’s kicking nonetheless.” Here’s what Joey uses the Q1 for: “..mostly one note, music w/winamp, vlc fullscreen which rocks, and some browsing/blogging with Flock. Geckotip and Google browser synch is compatible now.

Well sounds

like he is enjoying it.

~Blake Shannon


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Onenote 2007 Test Drive

One Note Logo

I would write something but this is the last post before im going to bed. So I will Quote

If you’ve been waiting for me to post some reviews on OneNote 2007, listen up. Microsoft has a web-based preview of Office 2007 (including OneNote).
“The preview allows users to try out Office 2007 components directly, or be guided through walk-through tours of the various new features of each product, ” writes Nate Mook of

There is a line, though…currently at 137 minutes. In any event, if you’ve been aching to see Office 2007, this should perfect for you. I also apologize for not getting a real review up. I’ve pretty much been working 24/7.”

Thanks Student Tablet PC blog

Im going to bed now


Edit: I forgot to put the link here it is

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Sony Vaio UX-90+16gig Flash Drive = 13% Battery life increase!

Sony UX90 Awesome

This setup will give you

13% Battery life increase

Weight drops by 29 grams

Launches Apps Faster

and TV is built in ! :-p

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