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My name is Blake and I am a neophiliac.

“The Age has an article that details the Ten signs you’re tech obsessed, which sounds much nicer than calling you a neophiliac.  The article is a real hoot with the detailed descriptions of the ten signs:

  1. You forget basic bodily functions
  2. You collect ridiculous accessories
  3. You check your email on Sunday… at 3 am
  4. You know your mates by their online handles rather than their real names
  5. Your favorite song goes “beep”
  6. Instead of laughing, you say “LOL”
  7. You answer your mobile phone when you’re on a date
  8. You change their outfits depending on their mood
  9. You own a BlackBerry
  10. You speak in a secret language

The article finishes with a list of real-life examples of those who have taken their tech addiction too far (you know who you are).  Highly recommended.

Via Jk on the run

I am a neophiliac. There!


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Pricing for Black DS Lite announced

Might just Pick one up for Brain Age!

“For those who watch every move in the saga of the Nintendo DS Lite, now the company has officially announced pricing for the black version of the much-sought-after portable gaming machine. Despite rumor and speculation indicating otherwise, the Black DS Lite will cost 16,800 Yen ($145) in Japan, the same price as the white, light blue, enamel blue and pink ones. It will go on sale September 2. No word yet about whether we’ll see this shiny and ominous version of the DS Lite in North America or Europe. No matter what, I refuse to use the word “sleek” when referring to anything that’s shiny and black”

Via Gizmodo Black DS lite

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Earphones that let you hear your music and the guy cussing at you from his car!

Good for Cycilists!

If you’re a cyclist, you probably realize how much you rely on your hearing to keep you safe in traffic, so you’ll immediately recognize the value of Slipstreamz, cycling earwear that will position those iPod earbuds close enough to hear the music, but far enough away so you’ll still be able to hear ambient sound.

Made of comfy-cozy molded foam and polyester composite, they attach to the straps on your helmet (you are wearing a helmet, aren’t you?), and they have a little slot where you can easily secure your earbuds. An added benefit is their ability to keep your ears warm on those cold blustery days, something for which you might want to plan ahead, even though it’s a half a year away.”

Via Gizmodo

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Self Pitching Tent!

I am not an outdoorsie perosn so i will just admire this

This two second self-pitching tent takes the theory of those car window shades that are so hard to close and expands, dramatically. Quechua’s tent comes folded up, but when you toss it into the air—preferably not straight up—it deploys into full tent form before it hits the ground. All you need to do is stake the corners. Nifty.

Cleanup is also easy, but takes a bit longer than two seconds. If it weren’t for the mosquitos, ants, bears, and our hatred for the outdoors, this might make us go camping.

The two second tent goes for around $83.”

via gizmodo

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Im Drooling

So so so Awesome

My Birthday is in 9 days

Just Kidding six displays

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Mobile Tech Roundup 55 : Cranky Kevin!

Outline Below:


CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.
MoTR 55 is 31:03 minutes long and is a 28.4 MB file in MP3 format.
INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.
HOSTS: James Kendrick, Matthew Miller and Kevin C. Tofel

Matt decided to take the 1 GB upgrade plunge with his Samsung Q1, same as Kevin.
ActiveSync 4.2 is released: who should upgrade (and who shouldn’t)?
Samsung’s A990 with a 3.2 Megapixel camera hits the U.S. on Verizon Wireless.
ATEKsoft Cool Camera software for HTC devices can help with your pictures too.just ask CSTV
iPods on the Division 1 football sidelines for play-by-play review? Yup, it’s true…!
Nokia updates the 770 Internet Tablet. Does it contend with other handheld devices?
Matt talks about browsing on the Nokia E61: the updated browser is based on Apple Safari and includes a great feature called Visual History!
Freeware of the show: SmarterMail for hosting your own mail. Almost all of the features of Exchange but for free!
What kind of connectivity can you have on a boat? WiFi if you park the boat next to your house! ;)

If you like the show, please consider voting for us at Podcast Alley. It only takes a minute and it helps us get the word out about the show!

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Self-Stirring Mug I love my stirred Coffee :-)

As I quoe from Gizmodo

“Surely there are people out there who don’t believe in or own spoons, right? Because besides being extremely lazy, spoonlessness is the only reason to own a gadget like this. This coffee mug, from Hammacher Schlemmer, features a miniature propeller at the bottom of the mug that will spin at 3000 rpms mixing whatever additives you like into a frothy morning beverage. The propeller is activated with a button on the handle and the entire unit is powered by a couple AA’s. It is available for $30.”

Self Stirring Mug

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Maltron Ergonomic 3D Keyboard

This is Awesome

Maltron makes ergonomic keyboards, and has been accommodating people who only have use of one hand for a while. The company also offers its Ergonomic 3D Keyboard, an expensive proposition that claims to fit the shape of the hands and accommodate the different lengths of fingers, reducing movement and tension.

There’s no wrist twisting involved, and the tilted keys make it so you don’t need to move your hands very far to get the job done. The number keys are centrally located for either hand to use.

The only downside of this keyboard is that you must be a touch typist to enjoy its benefits, and then, well, there’s that hefty $490 price.”

Via Gizmodo

Awesome  3D Keyboard

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On the Run with Tablet PCs #25

Outline below

“OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #25

Otr_tpc_cover_art_10Listen here ( MP3, 15.1 MB, 44 minutes) or

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Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with show #25! Congratulations to Josh and Heather Einstein on the birth of their child, Jacob, already becoming a Tablet PC addict.  Happy Birthday to the first lady of the Tablet PC, Lora Heiny, who turned 21 this week.  Marc discusses his reacquantance with the Toshiba M200 since he’s been using it lately and compares it to the Gateway he lost when he changed jobs.  We talk about battery life of UMPCs and whether it’s better to have an extended battery or a second standard battery.  Marc’s son Jason appears in a Microsoft Student ad and is known as Mini-Marc, poor kid.  🙂  In our discussion on Vista on the Tablet PC we question why we are getting no advanced notices about any Vista-ready slates on the horizon from OEMs like Motion. Tracy Hooten goes slate.  James rants on the lack of UMPC advertising- history repeats itself.  Marc and James offer two good ways to easily enable Flicks on touch screen Tablet PCs like UMPCs.

Enjoy the show!

Links of interest from the show:

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Blackberry to get Wifi

Off Topic


Sorry I havent posted in so long

On topic…………………..

Cool now we dont have to use that dang Ev-Do

“Research in Motion Chairman and co-CEO James Balsillie said that RIM plans on adding some nice features to the Blackberry line of devices by the end of the year. Added features includes the always anticipated Wi-Fi, an audio player, video player, memory expansion, digital camera and even integrated GPS.”

Via Gizmodo


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