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Blackberry to get Wifi

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Sorry I havent posted in so long

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Cool now we dont have to use that dang Ev-Do

“Research in Motion Chairman and co-CEO James Balsillie said that RIM plans on adding some nice features to the Blackberry line of devices by the end of the year. Added features includes the always anticipated Wi-Fi, an audio player, video player, memory expansion, digital camera and even integrated GPS.”

Via Gizmodo



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Defense Minister Resigns Via Text Message

The Defense Minister of Timor-Leste, Jose Ramon-Horta, resinged by a text message. The message is below

“I do not wish to be associated with the present government or with any government involving Mr. Alkatiri.”

Well now we know technology helps your life makes you avoid face to face conversations.

~Blake :-p

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Drivers in Vancouver can pay parking meters with your cellphone

This is cool except when somebody hacks the system and you end up paying their meter.

“Parkers in Vancouver can now pay the parking meter with their cell phone.   No more fishing coins out of the car seat or stuffing more money into the meter than you need because you don’t have change.  The user signs up for the service which registers the cell phone number so once the driver calls the city number caller ID takes over and the amount of time desired is entered into the phone. Five minutes before the allotted time is up  a warning is sent via text message and more time can be entered remotely. ”

That is awesome but like i said above……..


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Qool Labs releases QDA Lite and QDA Icon

QDAS Specs

QDA Lite has a Intel PXA 270 520MHz QPU , 64MB of RAM,128MB internal storage, tri-band GSM and GPRS , WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0,  USB 2.0, 2.0 megapixel qamera,  SDIO/SD/MMQ slot, 2.8-inqh QVGA TFT-LQD display and  1240mAh battery.

and i quote from gizmodo “The QDA Icon qomes with a 4.0 megapixel qamera, OMAP 200MHz proqessor, EDGE, FM radio, and pretty muqh the same speqs as the QDA Lite. We wouldn’t expeqt these before late this year at the earliest, sinqe they were just displayed at QommuniqAsia Singapore this week. ”


Via Gizmodo

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Verizon leaving in Flight phone business.

Yeah this is comming days after Boing said they would stop providing “Connection’ EvDo on some of there flights.

Blakes thought: I think they were losing more money than they were making. I mean no offence but nobody is going to 1. pull out there credit card 2. go the the functions of the phone. and 3. Babble their personal life over the phone on the middle of the flight were you are less tahn a foot from the person in front of you.

Ok back to Reality.

Via JKontheRun and JkOnTheRun reader Phil Ferris

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