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Do you like the ink blog?

I was wondering if you all liked the ink blog

Its easier on me beacuse i dont have a keyboard during most of the day I will try to write neater i promise 🙂

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My name is Blake and I am a neophiliac.

“The Age has an article that details the Ten signs you’re tech obsessed, which sounds much nicer than calling you a neophiliac.  The article is a real hoot with the detailed descriptions of the ten signs:

  1. You forget basic bodily functions
  2. You collect ridiculous accessories
  3. You check your email on Sunday… at 3 am
  4. You know your mates by their online handles rather than their real names
  5. Your favorite song goes “beep”
  6. Instead of laughing, you say “LOL”
  7. You answer your mobile phone when you’re on a date
  8. You change their outfits depending on their mood
  9. You own a BlackBerry
  10. You speak in a secret language

The article finishes with a list of real-life examples of those who have taken their tech addiction too far (you know who you are).  Highly recommended.

Via Jk on the run

I am a neophiliac. There!

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Awesome Site

I recomend the forums Im Cybercode

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On the Run with Tablet PCs #25

Outline below

“OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #25

Otr_tpc_cover_art_10Listen here ( MP3, 15.1 MB, 44 minutes) or

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Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with show #25! Congratulations to Josh and Heather Einstein on the birth of their child, Jacob, already becoming a Tablet PC addict.  Happy Birthday to the first lady of the Tablet PC, Lora Heiny, who turned 21 this week.  Marc discusses his reacquantance with the Toshiba M200 since he’s been using it lately and compares it to the Gateway he lost when he changed jobs.  We talk about battery life of UMPCs and whether it’s better to have an extended battery or a second standard battery.  Marc’s son Jason appears in a Microsoft Student ad and is known as Mini-Marc, poor kid.  🙂  In our discussion on Vista on the Tablet PC we question why we are getting no advanced notices about any Vista-ready slates on the horizon from OEMs like Motion. Tracy Hooten goes slate.  James rants on the lack of UMPC advertising- history repeats itself.  Marc and James offer two good ways to easily enable Flicks on touch screen Tablet PCs like UMPCs.

Enjoy the show!

Links of interest from the show:

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Grocery Shopping with a tablet. Makes me want one even more

Techra m200 This is cool Remember i want an acer
Jezlyn a blogger at Late to the Party recently took her tablet pc grocery shopping.
As I quote from Kevin at Jkontherun funny sense of humor

“Well, there’s nothing better than use cases or usage scenarios, so Jezlyn took her current Tablet, a Toshiba M200 (good choice BTW), for a little grocery shopping excursion. We never recommend taking Tablets to the grocery store because they’re just like kids; everytime you’re not looking, they snag something bad to eat off the shelves and sneak it into the cart. Luckily, Jezlyn kept a good eye on her Tosh. So good in fact, that she stayed closer to the cart than ever before while shopping, just to play it safe.

After writing out a shopping list in MindManager, the experiment ensued, all without a hitch. The entire point of the exercise was to simulate shopping with an UMPC on hand, and although the M200 is much bigger and probably not best suited for this, it sounds like the test passed to me. On a personal note: we see that Jezlyn propped up her M200 in the child seat area of the cart yet there is no mention of using the safety strap. For heaven’s sake people: secure your mobile devices, would ya? ”

Hum.. Mind Manager… did any of you know i won that for mac of jkontherun


Thanks Jkontherun

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