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with Blake Shannon

My name is Blake and I am a neophiliac.

“The Age has an article that details the Ten signs you’re tech obsessed, which sounds much nicer than calling you a neophiliac.  The article is a real hoot with the detailed descriptions of the ten signs:

  1. You forget basic bodily functions
  2. You collect ridiculous accessories
  3. You check your email on Sunday… at 3 am
  4. You know your mates by their online handles rather than their real names
  5. Your favorite song goes “beep”
  6. Instead of laughing, you say “LOL”
  7. You answer your mobile phone when you’re on a date
  8. You change their outfits depending on their mood
  9. You own a BlackBerry
  10. You speak in a secret language

The article finishes with a list of real-life examples of those who have taken their tech addiction too far (you know who you are).  Highly recommended.

Via Jk on the run

I am a neophiliac. There!


July 17, 2006 - Posted by | Blogs/Blogging, Gadgets, Uncategorized

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