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Onenote 2007 Test Drive

One Note Logo

I would write something but this is the last post before im going to bed. So I will Quote

If you’ve been waiting for me to post some reviews on OneNote 2007, listen up. Microsoft has a web-based preview of Office 2007 (including OneNote).
“The preview allows users to try out Office 2007 components directly, or be guided through walk-through tours of the various new features of each product, ” writes Nate Mook of

There is a line, though…currently at 137 minutes. In any event, if you’ve been aching to see Office 2007, this should perfect for you. I also apologize for not getting a real review up. I’ve pretty much been working 24/7.”

Thanks Student Tablet PC blog

Im going to bed now


Edit: I forgot to put the link here it is


June 28, 2006 - Posted by | Origami/UMPC, Software, Tablet PCs, Uncategorized

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  1. I have discovered OneNote about a year ago, when I was working on a new web developing project.
    The project was demanding for research and collecting information from many resources.
    OneNote was the perfect solution for us.

    Today we use only OneNote for our web developing projects and research.

    Thank you for the interesting post.
    Happy to learn new things every day.


    Comment by Amit | Web Design | May 7, 2009

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