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Credit Card sized computer. With WiFi!

Notice : Picture does not have Wifi Antenna

Awesome but only 512 of Disk Space. Its Made by CompuLab in Israel.
“It will run Linux or Windows CE, comes with Intel’s XScale processor, two USB ports, a 512mb Flash Disk, WiFi interface, extended graphics solution, PCMCIA controller and more. (Check out the full specs here) These tiny wonders are intended to serve as building blocks in imbedded applications”
Via Gottabemobile


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Vonage V phone released!

V phone


Cool, but Skype is Better


“The Vonage V-Phone includes everything you need to make and receive calls with a high-speed Internet connection:

  • Vonage Talk Software Pre-Loaded
  • Detachable Stereo Earpiece Microphone
  • 250MB Usable Portable Memory Storage
  • A New Vonage Phone Number

The Vonage V-Phone comes with Vonage Talk software pre-loaded – there’s no need to install it on your PC and no need to restart your computer. Simply insert the Vonage V-Phone into any available USB port, plug the earpiece microphone into the side of the Vonage V-Phone and you’re ready to make and receive calls! Remove the drive when you’re done and the phone and all your important contact information goes with you.”

Via Mobility Today

Skype is still better



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Defense Minister Resigns Via Text Message

The Defense Minister of Timor-Leste, Jose Ramon-Horta, resinged by a text message. The message is below

“I do not wish to be associated with the present government or with any government involving Mr. Alkatiri.”

Well now we know technology helps your life makes you avoid face to face conversations.

~Blake :-p

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Drivers in Vancouver can pay parking meters with your cellphone

This is cool except when somebody hacks the system and you end up paying their meter.

“Parkers in Vancouver can now pay the parking meter with their cell phone.   No more fishing coins out of the car seat or stuffing more money into the meter than you need because you don’t have change.  The user signs up for the service which registers the cell phone number so once the driver calls the city number caller ID takes over and the amount of time desired is entered into the phone. Five minutes before the allotted time is up  a warning is sent via text message and more time can be entered remotely. ”

That is awesome but like i said above……..


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Feed2Podcast not working

The Web service that turns  all your RSS feeds into Podcasts is not working

Wait: Does WordPress Have Podcasting

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One more happy Q1 owner!


On the Mobile Tech Roundup Last week every listener met Joey. And now Joey has informed Kevin who has infomed us all that Joey “nabbed’ a Q1 and it appears he likes it from kevins post I quote from Kevin’s Post

“As far as Joey’s experiences so far with the Q1, he writes: “Wanted to tell you that I took the plunge after getting rid of all my gadgets and got a Q1. So far so good. A few quirks here and there but it’s kicking nonetheless.” Here’s what Joey uses the Q1 for: “..mostly one note, music w/winamp, vlc fullscreen which rocks, and some browsing/blogging with Flock. Geckotip and Google browser synch is compatible now.

Well sounds

like he is enjoying it.

~Blake Shannon

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Alienware Releases Three Core Duo Laptops

Alienware Logo

The specs include

The Sentia m3450 has:

  • Core Duo T2300 1.66 GHz (base) – Core Duo T2600 2.16GHz (max)
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition (base) – MCE + Remote + Dual USB TV Tuner (max)
  • 14″ 1280×768 LCD display with Webcam
  • Intel® 945GM + ICH7 Chipset
  • 512MB DDR2 RAM (base) – 2GB DDR2 RAM (max)
  • 40GB 5400RPM SATA HD (base) – 120GB 5400RPM SATA HD or 100GB 7200RPM SATA HD (max)
  • 24x10x24 CDRW / 8x DVD (base) – 8x Dual Layer DVD (max)
  • Intel® GMA 950 Extreme Graphics
  • Intel® 7.1 High-Definition Audio
  • Internal Intel® PRO Wireless 3945 a/b/g Mini-Card
  • Integrated 10/1000Mb Gigabit Ethernet & 56K V.92 Modem
  • Bluetooth


Via Gizmodo

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Qool Labs releases QDA Lite and QDA Icon

QDAS Specs

QDA Lite has a Intel PXA 270 520MHz QPU , 64MB of RAM,128MB internal storage, tri-band GSM and GPRS , WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0,  USB 2.0, 2.0 megapixel qamera,  SDIO/SD/MMQ slot, 2.8-inqh QVGA TFT-LQD display and  1240mAh battery.

and i quote from gizmodo “The QDA Icon qomes with a 4.0 megapixel qamera, OMAP 200MHz proqessor, EDGE, FM radio, and pretty muqh the same speqs as the QDA Lite. We wouldn’t expeqt these before late this year at the earliest, sinqe they were just displayed at QommuniqAsia Singapore this week. ”


Via Gizmodo

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Nintendo Announces Pink DS Lite!

Well I call it the  Lite Pink DS Lite but Im not a Marketting person at Nintindo. But they call it Noble Pink.  On the Nintindo Japan Website it says you have to wait till July 20th and pay $144. That makes four colors, Noble Pink , Ice Blue, Enamel Navy, and Crystal White.

Well I think a hot pink one would sell better.

~Blake Pink DS Lite

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Onenote 2007 Test Drive

One Note Logo

I would write something but this is the last post before im going to bed. So I will Quote

If you’ve been waiting for me to post some reviews on OneNote 2007, listen up. Microsoft has a web-based preview of Office 2007 (including OneNote).
“The preview allows users to try out Office 2007 components directly, or be guided through walk-through tours of the various new features of each product, ” writes Nate Mook of

There is a line, though…currently at 137 minutes. In any event, if you’ve been aching to see Office 2007, this should perfect for you. I also apologize for not getting a real review up. I’ve pretty much been working 24/7.”

Thanks Student Tablet PC blog

Im going to bed now


Edit: I forgot to put the link here it is

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